The management solution for all your returnable transport items

RTI Blockchain makes the registration of load carrier transactions as simple and automated as internet banking. Benefit from a single overview of all your returnable transport items (RTI's) and get insights into load carrier data, stock and balance. RTI Blockchain is an independent company, providing a platform built on Blockchain technology and market leader in its ease of use and fast onboarding.

RTI Blockchain
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Why Palletcentrale started working with RTI Blockchain

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More than just managing your load carriers

The world’s most reliable and easy-to-use dashboard for
load carrier management

We connect all partners in the supply chain of load carrier registration worldwide. RTI Blockchain's dashboard power load carrier management for supplier, poolers, shippers, receivers, and other supply chain partners. We also help companies digitize, integrate with their own systems, stay in control of budget, increase efficiency, consult wherever needed, and much more.

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Send & Receive shipments

Register every single shipment, interact directly with your partners, and optionally give access to all your supply chain partners, worldwide. You are in the lead!

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complex made easy

Built to significantly reduce time and costs. In a safe, fast, and transparent way. Keep a solid administration, anywhere, any time!

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100% data Secured

Thanks to the Blockchain technology, our app ensures security, transparency, and decentralization.

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Integrate your system

Easily import data, integrate with your own (ERP or WMS) system or manually add items. We support to make integrations work.

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A dashboard from the future

Welcome to the cross-supply-chain solution on load carrier management with RTI Blockchain. No back and forth of files and values. One single source of truth. Fully integrated with the biggest portals out there and your own eCMR system.

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One single source of truth
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Real-time and transparant registration
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Securely integrated with your own system
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Built on safe and transparant technology

Blockchain is the data structure that holds transactional records while ensuring security, transparency, and decentralization. Easily said, the most secure, real-time, and revolutionary way to digitize your Returnable Transport Items (RTI). 

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100% secured data
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Real-time insights
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Optionally share data with your partners
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What our users say?

"Happy to see in practice the easiness of use of the RTI platform in the operational processes of Quooker and its suppliers. Being in control of our RTIs are prerequisite for the worldwide growth of Quooker. Thanks for all the support Yves du Bois, Milou Klooster, and team!"

Michiel van veen
Chief Supply chain officier at Quooker

"We wanted to digitalize our load carrier management and keep track of deliveries and stock. The dashboard enables us to have real-time insights into load carrier balances, locations, deliveries, and stock. Within only one week, the dashboard proved its value! Without the dashboard, we would have never stumbled upon differences in deliveries and balances."

Jannick Kuiper

"From 3 people managing reusable packaging to one real-time dashboard. Discussions about missing reusable packaging items are now a thing of the past thanks to the load carrier management dashboard of RTI Blockchain."

Demis van kouwen
van gelder groente & fruit

"Are you looking for an easy, accessible environment to get all the data surrounding load carrier flows in order? Then you've come to the right place at RTI :) The platform is simple and sleek and is therefore very easy to use! "

Maryn Molenaar
Van Vugt Kruiden B.V.

"Thanks to the pleasant and open collaboration with RTI Blockchain, we have gained more insight into the chain. As a result we are able to switch more quickly when an issue arises. With this they have put a smile on our face, load carrier management with a smile!"

Melissa ten Hove
Zehnder Group Zwolle B.V.

“RTI Blockchain makes the periodic comparison of incomparable Excel files with customers and suppliers a thing of the past! Transparency in the flows helps reduce costs.”

Maarten Wittebrood
Hessing supervers

“The RTI Blockchain app is easy to use and registers the packaging flows in a simple way. We are very enthusiastic about the collaboration; RTI Blockchain provides fast support where necessary!”

Nicky Tuink
Zehnder Group Zwolle B.V.

The most powerful and easy-to-use APIs built for load carrier managers

We take care of the technical hassle by providing an easy to connect API to integrate with disparate systems. So your teams don't need to stitch together, take up developer resources or spend months integrating RTI Blockchain to your supply chain management systems.

  • No double workload
  • Less room for mistakes
  • Up-to-date data
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Keys for every system

We offer easy to use integrations with your own systems such as ERP, WMC, TMS or any other system.

Open API & documentation

Use the open API and documentations, as well as hands-on support to get you integrated.

Why rti blockchain

A technology-first approach to managing returnable
transport items

Easy to declare shipments

Ever wondered when to say goodbye to double administration and portals? Declare load carrier shipments easily in one single dashboard.

Endless registration techniques

Register items based on item type and amount, or benefit from endless techniques such as Barcode, RFID, IOT and visual scanning.

A fully independent infrastructure

Fully independent and here to innovate, digitize and bring forward collaboration in load carrier management in the supply chain.

Continuous optimization

Subject to continuous optimization to make it better, easier and more effective for the supply chain.

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