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You may have some additional questions about us. Check them below.

What does the RTI stand for in RTI Blockchain?

RTI stands for Returnable Transport Items. You may know it as RP, RPC, items, assets or packaging. They are Such as (plastic) crates, pallets or containers, each with a unique identity. These are used for moving or transporting goods.

What is the relationship with blockchain and the RTI Blockchain?

Blockchain makes it possible to share and keep track of all exchange traffic. Every party you work with receives an identical copy of the exchange traffic of the RTIs. As a result, someone cannot just remove a number, forget or add information, because then that copy is no longer identical.

All this traffic is securely tracked in the blockchain and must be approved by the other party. Privacy layers ensure that the party concerned can only see what they are entitled to.

The RTI Dashboard can thus function anonymously and completely securely as a digital packaging highway using blockchain technology.'

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