In control of RTI flows
for the Retail Industry


Keep track of load carrier balances with suppliers. Be in control of flows to and from individual stores and get insights into direct store deliveries.

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"We use enormous amounts of creates and roll containers every day to ship

goods from suppliers to DCs and the supermarkets themselves. It was impossible to keep track of all items and locations without RTI's system. As a result many items were lost every year. Leading to unnecessary high costs and extra investments. That time is over now as we know exactly where our items are. Saving us hassle, time and costs.

- Supply Chain Manager

Get a grip on your load carrier management

Take full control of all parts of your load carrier management. Including the direct (franchise) store deliveries. Register and get insights into the entire process from distribution center to stores, the return center and suppliers. All your data and insights are well-organized and in one place.

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The answer to missing flows in your load carrier process

One system to manage the entire journey of
assets moving from DC to store, RC and suppliers
Be in control of direct (franchise) store deliveries
Keep track of quantities, values & locations
of all reusable assets
Easily manage your own items such as roll containers
Save time and costs as you never again lose
track of RTI's
Be prepared for the PPWR regulations

Get the RTI Management Process Design© now

Benefit from the RTI Management Process Design framework to get your reusable packaging management processes optimized.

Streamline your RTI flows and efficiently manage crates, pallets, and roll containers

Efficient process & contract management

Automate standard and custom-made rules. Keep track of contracts and agreements.

Real-time insights in stocks and balances

Have real-time insights in transactions, stocks and balances for all parties.

Quantities, values & locations

Manage and monitor values, quantities and locations of all your returnable transport items.

Cost analysis of RTIs

Easy reporting for data-based analysis, forecasting and decision-making on the costs of RTI's.

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Thanks to our team of experts we have the knowledge to effectively manage every single aspect of your returnable transport items management and network

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Automatic processing of reusable assets

Forget multiple systems, Excel sheets or flows being left out. Benefit from RTI's smart solution to run automatic processing of reusable assets including CBL crates, EPS crates, and many more crates and roll containers commonly used or owned in retail.

Manage your own assets, customers, supplier
relations, and transporters.
Import shipments and other data from your systems
(ERP, TMS, WMS, Excel, etc.)
Seamless data sharing with pooling
organizations included (CHEP, IPP, EPS, LPR, IFCO,
CBL, HB-RTS, retail pools, etc.)
Confirm transfers upon receipt with real-time
sign offs on glass.
Expert implementation services and proven knowledge.

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