Integrated to make it possible to connect the digital consignment note (eCMR) powered by TransFollow to the reliable dashboard for load carrier management of RTI Blockchain.



Shippers, recipients, and carriers who manage packaging can now get a better grip on their administration. A collaboration between Beurtvaartadres and RTI Blockchain makes it possible to connect the digital consignment note (eCMR) powered by TransFollow to a reliable dashboard for packaging administration.

Many parties in supply chains now maintain their own packaging administration. As a result, there is often uncertainty about the location and numbers of packaging. Ensuring all the details of your operation takes a lot of time and money. There is one truth for all parties involved with the link between the eCMR TransFollow and the RTI Blockchain dashboard. This further optimizes the logistics chain for numerous sectors, such as fresh produce, retail, construction and technology.

TransFollow and RTI Blockchain

Beurtvaartadres is the distributor and implementation partner of TransFollow's eCMR in the Netherlands. The eCMR is the digital variant of the consignment note, with which all parties in the chain have real-time insight into the transport. This ensures faster, simpler and more efficient road transport.

RTI Blockchain connects the supply chain and, among other things, reduces communication obstacles between parties. Operation practice can sometimes be unruly. The result is often a unilateral change in the packaging administration. This leads to frustration and discussion over time and sometimes even results in operation failure. RTI Blockchain offers the opportunity to introduce the legal approval of the eCMR. It will allow you to have more flexibility for your operation. When you change anything in terms of numbers or types of your packaging, your partners will also be well informed without any extra effort. You even can leave your comments in each of your operations, and your partners have the option to identify or approve them. Data can be shared smoothly within different parties, and in this way, theory and practice are finally connected!

With the RTI Dashboard, the company has made a platform available that makes packaging registration and management easier and more efficient. The integration and intensive collaboration with TransFollow contribute to eliminating multiple Excel sheets, logging in to different portals, discussions about numbers, and lost items (costs). These are replaced by one platform from one independent dashboard; RTI Dashboard.


The collaboration between Beurtvaartadres and RTI Blockchain offers real-time insight into where packaging is located, which conquered a significant challenge long-standing in the supply chain industry. Without the real-time insight, the damage is not only caused by the loss of packaging but also the unavailability of items, the time you spent on the discussion about this, and the associated delays. These losses are not necessary and can be avoided now! When companies in the chain have more insight into the credits and statements and where they are located, they can manage this proactively. This saves time and costs for all the parties involved. In addition, the more efficient design of the chain and less loss of packaging contribute to the sustainability ambitions of many logistics organizations.