RTI Blockchain Voted Most Promising Supply Chain Scale-up at inNOWvate Supply Chain Event 2023

The Dutch scale-up RTI Blockchain has won the sixth European Supply Chain Scale-up Contest during the inNOWvate Supply Chain Event on May 11, 2023. During this on-site event, RTI Blockchain convinced the present supply chain managers of the value of its registration platform in providing insight into where reusable load carriers are located in the supply chain through simple registration and integrations with existing systems.

RTI Blockchain Voted Most Promising Supply Chain Scale-up at inNOWvate Supply Chain Event 2023

During the 6th edition of the inNOWvate Supply Chain Event, three scale-ups competed for the audience award. Dutch scale-up RTI Blockchain received the most votes from the public for its innovative solution to fully automate the administration of pallets and other load carriers and financial transactions. This scale-up surpassed the other two finalists: Garvis from Belgium with a scheduling solution integrated with ChatGPT and Sweep from France with a comprehensive CO2 administration solution.


European Scale-up Contest  

Last year, RTI Blockchain participated in the contest as a start-up, and this year, as a scale-up. From a selection of 25 companies, RTI Blockchain, together with Garvis and Sweep, was chosen as a finalist during the scale-up contest. Based on a three-minute pitch in the final, public votes determined the winner of the contest. The supply chain managers present were encouraged to vote for the solution that appeals to them the most and that they believe has direct applicability. The support of the supply chain is a crowning achievement and confirmation of the solution it offers to the market.

Yves du Bois, Founder and CXO of RTI Blockchain: “Each time it feels surreal that it is a celebration of recognition, regarding the packaging management challenges in the supply chain and how RTI Blockchain is tackling it. This award is a wonderful reward and confirmation for the team and the performance they deliver. Proud of what we achieve together.”  

RTI Blockchain previously appeared in the Maturity Matrix of European Supply Chain Start-ups 2023, in the Supply Chain Blockchain category.


About inNOWvate

InNOWvate is an event for Supply Chain managers, in wholesale, retail and manufacturers. An organization of Supply Chain Media. A fixed element of this supply chain event is the European Supply Chain Start-up & Scale-up Contest, with the aim of promoting and developing the entrepreneurial creativity and innovation of start-ups and university spin-offs for companies in the supply chain.  


About RTI Blockchain

Dutch start-up RTI Blockchain is transforming blockchain into the world's leading solution for managing reusable load carriers. The RTI Blockchain solution is a reliable load carrier management dashboard for companies seeking ways to eliminate all substantial supply chain weaknesses and collaborate along the chain, towards a world with only reusable load carriers.

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